A 31-year-old woman from Post Falls, Idaho has just been arrested and charged with five counts of using interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire.  She was trying to have someone killed and just as you see on tv, authorities were one step ahead of her stopping this whole thing from happening.

The woman's name is Katrina Danforth and she has a bit of a shady past.  According to KTVB, Danforth has been involved in the 'Adult Film' industry for some time now.  Her special movie actress name is Lynn Pleasant.  We're not sure if who she wanted to kill is connected to the adult film industry or what type of relationship Danforth had with the potential victim.  The person that this 'Hit' was directed towards is remaining anonymous for now.

We do know that Danforth was picked up by Federal Agents at the Spokane Airport when she jumped off of her flight.  She's currently staying at the Spokane County Jail.  The only other thing we know is that the intended target was not harmed in any way and we also know that they do live here in Idaho.  We'll keep you posted as this story continues to unfold.

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