It seems like a plot for "Dateline," but this time the disturbing tale has happened in our beautiful little state of Idaho. 

33-year-old Kaylynn Blue was killed sometime late Saturday or early Sunday morning according to a report on 

33-year-old Philip Schwab stands accused of murdering Blue. He has been booked into the Bonneville County Jail.

Idaho Falls Police Chief, Bryce Johnson says everyone who went into the woman's backyard was very disturbed by the scene.

Police were alerted to the scene after Kaylynn didn't show for her job at Walgreens for two-days.

Philip Schwab answered the door at when police came knocking and he led officers to the backyard where Kaylynn was buried.

Officers noticed blood in the home and took Schwab into custody where he talked to officers most of the day.

The murder scene was a home that belonged to Schwab's mother who had not been home for several days surrounding the crime.

Schwab stands accused of stabbing Kaylynn to death inside the home and burying her in the backyard. He also stands accused of stabbing two dogs and disposing of their bodies in a garbage bin on the property.

Schwab has not released a motive. He was a volunteer at the Idaho Falls Zoo and has no previous criminal record.

He did post several disturbing messages on his Facebook page in the days leading up to the murder. Here are just a few of his posts.

If stabbing people were wrong, I don't want to be right.

How to get away with murder.

She deserved quicker.

Kaylynn's Facebook page shows she was engaged to Schwab and the couple met in 2012 in Littleton, Colorado.

Schwab will make his first court appearance today. Please keep this young woman's family and all those who loved her in your thoughts and prayers.


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