Let this be a lesson if you date online. This woman from Idaho Falls has been scammed out of more than a million dollars on LDSplanet.com.

Debbie Johnson most likely felt safe trying to find love on a religious online dating site, but it ended up costing her big time.

According to eastidahonews.com the scam started with just $40. Debbie had lost her husband of 26-years suddenly in 2010 and was lonely.

Her friends encouraged her to try online dating and that's when she met "Eric." The online relationship lasted over two years and their connection was deep. He claimed to be a businessman in London and sent Debbie very convincing pictures as proof.

That first $40 led to him eventually asking for $2,500 at a time and more until it added up to more than $1 million.

Debbie says she had built such a deep relationship with "Eric" that she trusted him completely and never saw any red flags, only "pink ones."

"Eric" eventually confessed that his real name is Joseph, he lives in Nigeria and told Debbie that he had been using the money she had been sending him to take care of his family.

Debbie went to authorities who told her there was nothing they could do since he lived out of the country and she's out of the money.

She now hopes to spread the message and warn others about the dangers of online scams.

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