Did you know Idaho has some of the nation's lowest violent and property crime rates?

However, Idaho did have an increase in violent crime in 2022, which shows in a Safe Wise report. Still below the national and regional averages, Idaho's violent and property crime rate of 2.5 per 1,000 people represents a 3% increase year over year.  

Last month Safe Wise put out The State of Safety in America 2023 and found that Idahoans are some of the least likely residents to worry about crime daily. Idahoans are a little more concerned about property crime, being the second-least worried state, and "reported a 79% increase in property crime experiences during the 12 months before the survey." 

Here are the crimes that Idaho residents are most concerned about. 

  • Violent Crime: National Average 49%/Idaho Average 27%
  • Property Crime: National Average 50%/Idaho Average 38% 
  • Gun Violence: National Average 47%/Idaho Average 24% 
  • Package Theft: National Average 53%/Idaho Average: 42%

Safe Wise also shared some interesting Facts: 

  • Meridian, who's also on the list of safest cities in Idaho, is also on their list for safest cities to raise a family. 
  • "Only Hailey, Middleton, Jerome, and Coeur d'Alene saw a decrease in both violent crime and property crime compared to the previous reporting year." 
  • Also, five of the ten safest cities reported zero robberies during the reporting year. 
  • "30% of Idaho respondents claim to have experienced package theft in the 12 months prior to our survey, which is a year-over-year increase of 76%." 
  • Guard dogs are the most popular use for property protection at 51%.
  • "39% of Idaho residents use some form of personal protection, with concealed firearms (49%) and pocket knives (46%) leading the way."

They have also included The Top 10 Safest Cities in Idaho.

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