Idaho may have given the U.S. Capitol one of their most expensive gifts ever, if the latest Christmas tree estimate turns out to be true.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the 80-foot Engelmann spruce gifted from the Payette National Forest cost an estimated $600,000 to move across the country.

The tree, which was cut on November 2nd from Little Ski Hill near McCall sent the 80-foot tree, along with 69 additional trees, on two 105-foot-long red trucks. The trees will fill the offices of various members of Congress and other federal agencies.

For reference, when the U.S. Capitol tree lighting ceremony became an annual tradition in 1964, Pennsylvania only paid $700 for the tree and transfer.

The $600,000 estimate won’t be confirmed until January, after an audit is completed, meaning the price can rise even further.

Corporate donations helped bring in $500,000 of the costs, but the state (and tax payers) will be responsible for footing the rest of the bill.