Chinese food anyone? Boise is home to a ton of amazing restaurants, and among those are some of the most out-of-this-world Chinese food restaurants in the country.

A recent article from Lovefood shares the "Best Chinese Restaurant for the Year of the Rabbit" in every state, and of course we were curious to see who ranked #1 for Idaho.

Which Chinese food restaurant ranked #1 in Idaho and where are they located?

Guang Zhou in Boise

Guang Zhou Restaurant
Guang Zhou Restaurant

Here's what Lovefood had to say about them...

"All the main dishes at family-owned restaurant Guang Zhou are made to order, and it shows. For many customers it’s the best Chinese food around. The menu is comprehensive and the portions are generous, with standout dishes including the orange beef and chicken in teriyaki sauce. Wait times can be slightly longer than usual because it’s all freshly made, but it’s well worth it."

Guang Zhou Restaurant | Fred Depold | Google Maps
Guang Zhou Restaurant | Fred Depold | Google Maps

I've never been to Guang Zhou in Boise, but I'm feeling like checking it out now! Chinese food is a definite favorite of mine, as I'm sure is similar to many of you, especially if you're this far into the article haha!

There are some other amazing Chinese food restaurants in the area, too, so keep scrolling for more information about where you can find the best Chinese food in Idaho, as well as a complete list of other amazing restaurants in the Boise area 👇

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