There's a hole-in-the-wall place in Boise that was rated Idaho's Best 24-Hour Restaurant, and they serve some of the most delicious comfort food — like scones! Just look at that picture!

24-hour restaurants feel like a thing from the past, as the pandemic really shook things up. Remember when McDonald’s was 24/7 and had all-day breakfast? Yeah, not anymore. For local, family-owned restaurants it's even more of a challenge to have those kinds of hours.

However, there's a place in Boise that has cracked the code and they're making national lists.

A recent article from Cosmopolitan ranks the best 24-hour restaurants in each state, and they said this place is a great spot to go, “Whether you're craving some late-night grub after a night at the bars or searching for an early-morning breakfast spot to fuel up during a road trip."

So, who made the list for Idaho?

Google Maps | Matt Lighten
Google Maps | Matt Lighten

Merritt’s Family Restaurant in Boise

Cosmopolitan says, “This unassuming hole-in-the-wall serves up stellar Dutch babies and cinnamon scones that taste "like a churro with butter on it," as well as chicken fried steak and steak and eggs to satisfy savory cravings.”

Google Maps | Alex Kueneman
Google Maps | Alex Kueneman

However, there seems to be some confusion on the hours they’re open. Their Yelp says 6am-6pm. Their Facebook page says 6am-12am, and there are users on Google saying they’re open on Friday-Saturday 24-hours. Either way, they made Cosmopolitan’s list of the best 24-hour restaurants in each state.

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