Top ten places to find a job. Top ten places to go to college. Top ten places to get cheap pizza. Here's one list Idaho does not top.

Don't be scared off or think this is some dark and dreary read. This is good news! Our friends at WalletHub did some number crunching, and they've ranked every state in the country based on drug use. We're happy to report that Idaho did pretty terrible as far as drug use goes. The rankings were based on numerous categories:

  • Drug use & addiction
  • Law enforcement involved in drug busts
  • Drug health issues

Based on their findings, Washington D.C. has the worst drug problem in the United States, followed by Missouri, New Hampshire, and Michigan.

Idaho kicked butt, coming in at #43 out of 51. The only category we scored relatively high in was police involvement with drug cases.

You can see the full results of WalletHub's study here.


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