Idaho is booming in many ways. The Treasure Valley's population growth has positives and negatives. According to the Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL), the economy in the gem state is rebounding faster than most of the rest of the US. KIVITV Idaho took a deeper look into employment growth shows that Idaho was the first state that had job growth not only recover but even exceed pre-pandemic levels in almost all industries. Idaho is one of only two states in the entire country that have had positive year-to-year job growth.

While unemployment rates soared in Idaho last year, they dropped almost just as fast and now Idaho is at 3.2% unemployment rate. Although that number will most likely drop again soon as many unemployment benefits end at the end of June. The struggle in Idaho currently is business' having a hard time filling positions. Restaurants and businesses have actually had to close or adjust their hours simply because they cant seem to get enough people hired.

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It's a job seekers market for sure. If you are unhappy at your job or seeking a change or more money start career shopping. Many companies and businesses are offering bonuses, great pay and benefits to fill needed positions quickly. Not a college graduate, no problem. Just yesterday I did an article highlighting the top 25 highest paying jobs in Boise that don't require a degree. You can check that out here if you would like.

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