Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what is the most popular recipe for Idaho?

This is the one we are searching the most and most likely all have on the table in some sort of form. Food Network has every states most popular recipe, not necessarily everyone's favorite but it is what is searched for the most and probably matches up to the most popular side dish in Idaho.

Here is what the article says :

Idaho: The Baked Potato
It's only fitting that residents from Idaho are in search of the perfect baked potato -- a vegetable that has become synonymous with the Gem State. Here it's served it in its purest form for Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course it's the backed potato, or potato in general. I guess it's an easy guess for the favorite when it comes to the veggie we use... we are the land of the potatoes so this just makes sense. Although there isn't much that goes into baking a potato so not sure what kinds of recipes we are googling most when it comes to that or just finding out baking time and temp?





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