It's just a fact — Idahoans have a special connection with the outdoors, and there are so many unique parks and forests to explore here in Idaho. But unfortunately, not all of these places get a ton of attention, and I would say it's safe to assume most people in Idaho don't even know about some of these cool places that our state has to offer...

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What State Park in Idaho is "the most underrated?"

There's a recent article from Prevention that shares the United State's most underrated state parks, and one of Idaho's state parks was one of 17 on the list. That park is...

Tom F. | Google Maps
Tom F. | Google Maps

Heyburn State Park in Benewah County, Idaho

Prevention said, "Heyburn State Park has been open since 1908. While there is great hiking and a popular biking trail, the star of the show are the water activities. Check one of the three lakes on a rowboat, kayak, or paddle board for an amazing view of the landscape."

Not only is the park one of the greatest and most underrated, but it's also the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest. Wikipedia says...

"Heyburn State Park is a public recreation area in the U.S. state of Idaho. It is located almost entirely in Benewah County, with a small portion extending into southern Kootenai County. The park was founded in 1908 and is the oldest state or provincial park in the oldest state or provincial park in the Pacific Northwest."

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