Indian Creek Plaza continues it's Tuesdays By The Creek event in downtown Caldwell. For the first time, I was there to experience it first hand. I saw Tyler and The Train Robbers perform, but there is a different band every Tuesday night through the first half of October. The Farm to Table Farmers Market is happening, and there is a happy hour with a bar until 7pm. Food is easily accessible with the downtown Caldwell merchants and food trucks all part of the event. There's even a clean public restroom!

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The biggest concern that I had while being there was how the event could take place in this new Coronavirus world that we are living in. Those concerns were answered by the way I saw people behaving. Not everyone was in masks, but many were. Social distancing was happening with families, and friends gathered together, but kept more than six feet away from others.

This was my first time in Caldwell, and I really enjoyed the town and meeting so many people. While there was a good crowd, I never felt unsafe. I have felt less safe at the gas station than I did in the plaza at Indian Creek for this event.

Some highlights for upcoming performances include:
July 14th - The Velvet Hour
August 18th - Mestizo Beat
September 1st - Emily Stanton Band
September 29th - Dueling Pianos
October 13th - Casino Dreams

Concerts start at 6pm.

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