Inmates cause some trouble in Kuna at the Idaho State Correctional Center on Saturday. According to Ian Max Stevenson at the Idaho Sportsman, there was an investigation and a lot of cleanup that went on after an outbreak from some inmates. Windows were broken, a fire was started and several inmates went to the hospital.

The area that was disrupted holds about 100 minimum and medium security prisoners. Some people had to be evacuated do to the commotion, fire and smoke. According to an interview the Idaho Statesman did with Jeff Ray, Idaho Department of Correction spokesperson, four inmates were injured. Injuries did not appear to be life threatening but at least these four were sent to a Boise hospital over the weekend.

IDOC had lots of help quickly on site including The Boise Police Department, Ada Country Sheriff's Office, Ada Country paramedics and Kuna Fire District.

I couldn't read about the Kuna disruption and fires being set by inmates without thinking about the history of the Old Idaho Penitentiary. If you are new to the area you should know this bit of history. The Idaho State Penitentiary opened in 1872 to some of the West’s worst criminals. It operated for just over 100 years and had over 13,000 inmates. Serious riots occurred in 1952, 1971 and 1973 over living conditions in the prison. The riots in 73 were so bad with fires set and destruction that it closed for good and the remaining 416 resident inmates were moved. Where were they moved to? Well what do ya know it was to this very Idaho State Correctional Center where this small riot just broke out over the weekend about 48 years later.

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This situation in Kuna at the Idaho State Correctional Center was thankfully brought under control pretty quickly without any major injuries or any major damage to the building and or property.


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