Recently, a concerned parent took to Reddit to share their unsettling experience. Their third-grade daughter, at a young and impressionable age, had been exposed to what they described as "negative political crap" in her school. This story highlights an issue that has been at the forefront of educational discussions: the role of politics in early elementary education.

Already in 3rd grade my daughter is being confronted by kids wearing MAGA hats and talking about the big lie. Right outside the elementary school 4 houses have put up giant pro Trump flags all over. Two of them have curse words. I just don’t understand why this lovely place has become so infected by hate filled ideologies.

Unfortunately, only one person in the comments had any constructive to say about the issue. Everyone else in the comments decided to say things like, "MAGA is a cult. Unless you join their obsession, you'll never be able to talk reason with any of them."


Do you think 9-year-olds should even be worried about political topics?

It's important to have age-appropriate discussions with children. This means avoiding complex or contentious political topics and instead focusing on basic civic concepts, such as the importance of voting, the roles of government, and the values of democracy. This incident underscores the need for a careful and thoughtful approach to teaching politics in elementary classrooms. While education is the bedrock of democracy, it's crucial that it's age-appropriate, impartial, and promotes critical thinking rather than imposing political biases.

The concerning part of this post is that after saying, "I just don’t understand why this lovely place has become so infected by hate-filled ideologies," everyone in the comments changed their tone to more of this.


Double standards, those elusive creatures that seem to appear in every corner of life, are like socks—never to be found when you need them. We wear one white sock and one black sock but question someone who wears one white shoe and one black shoe. Double standards: making life amusingly inconsistent!


Daughter getting negative political crap in 3rd grade
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