When it comes to celebrating New Year’s and having a rocking New Year’s Eve party... cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Nashville immediately come to mind. But how does Boise rank on the list of best cities for celebrating New Year's?

There’s a recent article from WalletHub that shares a list of the Best Cities for New Year’s. They said, “Times Square might be the most hashtag-worthy spot for ringing in the new year, but it's certainly not the best if you're a frugal partier seeking an equally grand experience.”

Many of the popular destinations for celebrating New Year’s can be very expensive, particularly because of the holidays, as local businesses and hotels will raise their prices because they know there are more people traveling through.

WalletHub continues, “Fortunately, you have plenty of fun yet affordable options for celebrating #NYE2023.”

They compiled a list that ranks the 100 biggest cities, "based on 29 key indicators of an epic New Year’s Eve celebration." The results range from legality of fireworks to average price of a New Year’s Eve party ticket to forecasted precipitation for Dec. 31.

So, where did Boise land on the list?

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Boise was rated the 47th best city for New Year's

Boise was also the only city from Idaho to make it on the list. Here’s a list of the cities that made the Top 10:

New York, NY

Orlando, FL

Las Vegas, NV

San Francisco, CA

Atlanta, GA

Denver, CO

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles, CA

Seattle, WA

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