If you were to select an Idahoan at random and ask them the question, “do you love Idaho or hate Idaho?” How do you think they’d respond? I'm thinking they'll tell you they love Idaho!

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Most people are very proud to live in Idaho, and thankfully, I don’t think any of our neighboring states have any big problems with us either haha! At least, not any problems that I know of...

Anyway, there’s a recent article by Zippia that breaks down the most (and least) hated states in America, according to neighboring states, and the people who live there.

What can we find out about Idaho?

According to Zippia’s research, Idaho is ranked number 47 on the list... and it's one of the LEAST hated states in America! Keep scrolling for how rude Idaho is and a list of 12 Ridiculous Myths About Idaho That People in Other States Believe 👇

As for the most hated states in America... let’s see if this comes as a surprise to any of us haha!

Illinois was rated the most hated by their own people! So, even people who live in Illinois say it’s the worst. That’s kinda sad. And California was rated the most hated state by other states, because many states hate California and I’m sure in the polls they used for their research Idaho was one of those states.

I’m very grateful Idahoans (for the most part) love Idaho and have more pride in our beautiful state. Keep scrolling for how rude Idaho is and 12 Ridiculous Myths About Idaho That People in Other States Believe 👇

How Rude is Idaho and Our Surrounding States?

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