Rumors have been swirling for a long time about The Griddle coming to McCall. Are those rumors true?! Here's the if, when, and where. 

Before you get all excited, it doesn't look like The Griddle will be popping up in McCall any time soon. The biggest issue seems to be the city's issue with chain restaurants.

The Griddle has locations all over the Treasure Valley; Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, and they have a location in Winnemucca, Nevada but McCall is not welcoming them with open arms.

According to The Griddle won a fight with the city council to relax rules on chain restaurants back in 2016 and everyone thought the restaurant would pop up in McCall, but it is not that simple. The Griddle General Manager, Ashley Ferguson had this to say.

Regarding our potential location in McCall, we have been looking to open a Griddle location in the McCall area for quite some time. When we are looking to open in a new location, there are many factors that we consider. While we do hope to eventually open in McCall, all of those pieces are not yet in place. We love the community of McCall and hope to open a location there when the time is right and the pieces have fallen into place. As with most other expansions, if it is right for us as a company, the time and the location will work itself out.

A possible location has not been locked down yet. If you don't know much about The Griddle, they serve up super yummy homestyle breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert!