As love fills the air this Valentine's Day, the tradition of gifting flowers continues to be a time-honored expression of love and affection. Today, there will be many guys in Idaho carefully selecting bouquets for their significant others. The good news is, there are 3 cities in the Treasure Valley on the list of best places for local flowers in America.

There's a new study from Lawn Love that reveals a list of the best cities for local flowers in America, and the Treasure Valley made the list with 3 cities. Any guesses?

Boise, Idaho

Skyline of Boise with snow in the foothills

Boise takes the lead for Idaho, with an impressive 62nd place on the list, showcasing a vibrant floral scene that captures the essence of romance.

Meridian, Idaho

Photo by Ryan Fish on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Fish on Unsplash

Meridian proudly secures the 274th spot. This is a significant drop from Boise's position, but still a significant rank when considering the rest of the country. This thriving city offers residents and visitors alike a bouquet of local flower options.

Nampa, Idaho

Nampa, Google Street View
Nampa, Google Street View

Nampa stands strong at the 309th position. With a dedication to cultivating beautiful local bouquets, Nampa adds to the Treasure Valley's floral prowess.

While Boise leads the charge with the most and highest-ranked flower shops, Meridian and Nampa contribute their own unique options, too. Rest assured, if you're getting flowers for your significant other today, or for any special occasion, you're in one of the greatest ares of the country for getting fresh, local flowers.

Speaking of special occasions, keep scrolling for a list of the best restaurants in Boise for Valentine's Day and much more.

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