School is out for the summer. It's time for teachers to relax or work their summer jobs before another exciting school year begins in the fall. However, this education offseason, we've seen three local school districts declare their districts are under financial distress.

It's a sobering thought to consider any school in Idaho facing closure, teachers losing their jobs, and educational opportunities being curtailed, especially when Idaho continues to attract newcomers. Yet, Caldwell, Nampa, and Kuna have made a public announcement, stating that schools will be forced to shut down and staff will be laid off due to financial constraints.

However, the state spends a lot of money on education. The governor vowed to pay an additional two billion dollars to schools, and over four hundred million dollars were given to schools last year. Half the general fund goes to Idaho education.

Idaho schools, despite the efforts of parents, students, and teachers, ranks in the last portion of the country nationally. Our elected officials continue to spend taxpayer dollars lacking a return on their investment.

Leadership requires tough choices and if Idaho schools continue to fail more money is not the answer. Politicians need to call for a special committee to audit where the dollars are being spent.

Idaho teachers' pay ranks in the bottom portion nationally. Education advocates have called on consolidating districts to save time and money. Do we need to pay a district superintendent over two hundred thousand dollars?

The status quo must change or all of us will be working two or three jobs due to the state's failure to provide adequate education for its citizens.

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