French fries are a gift from the heavens and when I first got to Idaho, I fully expected that. Not because of the cliches about Idaho and potatoes but rather because of what I had heard about fry sauce. When I first came to the Treasure Valley, fry sauce was one of the first things I tried, and let me just say, it was an experience. Coming from the south, we didn't have a specific "fry sauce", people would just make their own with various packets of condiments.

But when I had real fry sauce? It changed the game completely. I immediately discovered how people have been improving the greatest food of all time the french fry. What's the only thing better than a french fry with fry sauce? I've got two words for you: loaded fries.

I've always felt the heart of "loaded fries" is the cheese but there are several other ways you can get creative with your loaded fries. Whether you want to add brisket on top or throw some bacon with fry sauce on them, anything is possible on a bed of fries. Want to dip them in ranch? Go for it. Want to throw some carne asada on there and decorate it the way you would a taco? Have at it!

Now, if I missed a spot, don't hold out on us! Let me know if I missed one here. But without further ado, here are eleven places that can fulfill your craving for loaded fries in all the ways you can dream of.

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