The holiday season will be here before we know it and it'll be time to venture out to the stores to go shopping for friends and loved ones. While a lot of people look to Amazon and other online stores to purchase gifts, there's something special about shopping in the store. Sure, you could go to The Village in Meridian, but Boise has its very own mall... there are just a few things we would add.

What stores do you want to see in Boise Townsquare Mall?

Before we get to our wish list, we should point out that not all the stores on this list are still around but that's why we're only "wishing." Besides, who wouldn't want to see The Sharper Image make a triumphant return and open up shop inside Boise Townsquare Mall? Or how about the nostalgia of walking into a "Wet Seal"?

Scroll down to see our dream list of ten stores we wish we had inside of Boise Townsquare Mall...

10 Stores We Wish We Had Inside Boise Towne Square Mall

It's time we beef up Boise Towne Square Mall! What stores would you like to see in the Boise Townsquare Mall? Here is our wishlist...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of nostalgia and stores that we wish we had... how about restaurants that we wish we could enjoy just one more time?

Scroll on to see the restaurants that we would visit if we had a time machine...

8 Boise Restaurants We Wish We Could Go Back In Time To Enjoy

We polled our listeners, and these were the most popular answers.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Speaking of things we wish we had, we found some hilarious reviews of dispensaries that make us wish we had one. Hear us out...

Scroll on to see some of the hilarious reviews of dispensaries we found that make us want a dispensary...

Hilarious Reviews of Dispensaries That Make Us Wish Idaho Had One

Here are the best 1-star reviews we found of weed dispensaries just outside of Idaho. Any marijuana enthusiast would argue that people living in legalized states are taking their privilege for granted.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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