It's the middle of the night. The house is dark and quiet. You and your family are fast asleep. It's a night like any other; until it's not.

An intruder is in your home. You don't know what they're there for, and this is no time to idle. What do you do? Do you reach for your firearm and take the law into your own hands?

If you live in Idaho, you might be inclined to think the Stand Your Ground or Castle Law provisions have you covered no matter the scenario. In a circumstance of home invasion, it most likely does. But what about when a threat presents itself elsewhere such as your office, your vehicle, or in a public space? What if you're compelled to defend another citizen by use of deadly force? Do you know where you stand in the eyes of Idaho law?

Without a doubt, a militia state such as Idaho is pro-gun. Heck, Idaho found dozens of ways to monetize the gun-shaped outline of the state. But there's more to living in a Second Amendment state than blindly toting around a firearm. Gun owner or not, we would argue every private citizen can benefit from understanding their state's gun laws.

From protecting your mistress to defending your kids and your cleaning lady, the following gallery breaks down the legal use of lethal force in the Gem State. 

Understanding The Legal Use of Lethal Force in Idaho

In 2018, Idaho Code 18-4009 redefined when and why private citizens could and could not exercise a lethal use of force. While the scope of the definition casts a broader net, Idaho law still regulates what constitutes a necessary use of lethal force.

The gallery below breaks down the who, what, where, when, and why of the 2018 update.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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