❄️ As Idaho enters the heart of winter...

every resident knows the drill: we layer up, heat up our homes, and watch the snow pile up. But have you ever stopped to think about the effect of winter on your car? Specifically, how much gas should you keep in your tank during these frosty months? It might seem like a small detail, but here in the Gem State, it can actually have a big impact on your safety and your wallet.

☃️ Why does Idaho winter weather impact your gas mileage?

As colder temps envelope Idaho, you might notice you're getting lower-than-usual gas mileage. That's because engine efficiency, tire performance, and overall vehicle functionality take a major hit in winter.

If you want to optimize your fuel efficiency, it's important to know what compromises it. Scroll on for a look at how Idaho's wintery weather is reducing your car's gas mileage and overall efficiency.

8 Reasons Idahoans Burn More Gas in Winter & 5 Ways to Stop

⚠️ Filling up your tank more frequently can put a dent in your wallet, but even Uncle Sam knows it could cost you big in fuel economy if you don't!

Scroll through the gallery for a look at why Idahoans get lower gas mileage in the winter months and what can be done to save money at the pump.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela


⛽ How full is full enough during winter in Idaho?

According to CSN Collision Centre, general rule of thumb is to never let your gas gauge drop below a quarter of a tank. Keeping your tank at least a quarter-to-half full provides your car with enough gas to last through Idaho's may snowstorms and other weather-related emergencies, without leaving too much room for air or moisture.

Now's a good time to get in the habit of keeping your tank half full on a weekly basis. You might need to do it more often if your commutes are long or if, like us, you encounter a lot of stop-and-go traffic when you're driving through Boise.

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