DO NOT allow these criminals to use their scare tactics to steal your money!


This phone scam has been making its way around the country for awhile and its finally hit us here in the Treasure Valley.  Usually its the "fake" IRS demanding money now... immediately... preying on innocent people (often times the elderly), stealing their money.  This one has a whole new twist to it.  Don't be fooled.


Here's how it works.  You'll get a call from an Emmett number for the U.S. Marshalls Office.  The number used is 208-398-3817.  You will then be told that you failed to show up for federal jury duty and you'll be jailed if you don't pay a penalty fine.  These crooks do their homework ahead of time so be ready.  They'll google earth your home so they can describe where you live and they'll tell you about how and when they left a summons to jury duty.  The caller sometimes identifies himself as a member of the sheriff's office.


One family received all this and when they refused to pay, the crooks called the sheriff's office impersonating the family saying they would shoot any deputy who sets foot on their property.  Pretty jacked up stuff!


Contact the state or federal court through their websites if you feel you're being scammed and just an FYI... state and federal courts will never make threatening phone calls or ask for personal information over the phone when someone misses jury duty.

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