I live in Nampa right now, and there is definitely a big need for more living space and storage options in the area. It’s getting so packed there, and honestly the options for living and shopping appear to be very limited.

But there’s great news – on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, the Karcher Mall in Nampa broke ground and announced the official beginning of their new project – District 208.

According to KTVB7, Mayor Kling, ESI Construction, and Rhino Investments (the project developer) were all at this groundbreaking, and together they announced that District 208 will include more than 250 residential units, retail and storage, and entertainment.

Sanjiv Chopra, the CEO of Rhino Investments said, “A lot of two bedrooms and three bedrooms, Nampa has a need for a lot of families, so we really allocated 75% of our units toward those families and then there are one-bedrooms as well, it'll have a club house, a pool, a lot of good amenities.”

He went on to say, “The idea of District 208 was you live at the district, you can shop at the district, you can eat at the district.” This sounds like it’s going to be freakin’ awesome! As of right now, it feels like you can only really shop online or Marketplace Blvd … and obviously the long stretch that is Caldwell Blvd.

But with malls being kind of out of date, it’s exciting to see that the city has some really awesome plans for this space, which was once the Karcher Mall.

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