When a sushi craving is calling it is hard to satisfy the craving with anything else but sushi. I didn't learn to apricate sushi until I moved to Anchorage Alaska in my early 20s. Now in my mid 30s I don't eat it constantly -or I would go broke- but I do occasionally like to splurge and have a delicious sushi meal. My man Kris and I came across this great sushi spot in Meridian called Shige Sushi Express.

I probably need to get out and explore more local Meridian sushi spots but honestly this one is so good and yet to disappoint me that I have stuck with it. My sister just came in to town from Japan where she has been serving in the Navy for the last 3 years. When she wanted sushi I knew I had to show her a good spot since she just came from the land of sushi. Even she was impressed with the care, detail and freshness that Shige provides. They have had a lot of practice as they have been serving the Treasure Valley authentic Japanese food for nearly 30 years.

Their creations are beautiful and delicious. They have a 4.3 star google review rating out of 159 reviews. The back of the restaurant also connects to an authentic Ramen house restaurant. They share the same kitchen in the middle but the two restaurants are mostly separate. Shige Sushi Express is at 520 S. Meridian Road.

Here are some other great sushi places to check out in Meridian.
Fujiyama at 1701 E Fairview Ave, they scored a 4.4 stars with 739 - clearly another one I need to try out soon.

Sakana Japanese Sushi & Steak House at 1718 S Eagle Rd

Lucky Fins Meridian at 1441 N Eagle Rd

Izumi Japanese Steak House & Lounge  at 3560 N Eagle Rd

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