If you’re serious about your sushi, you hold your breath every time a list like this is published.

Photo by Riccardo Bergamini on Unsplash
Photo by Riccardo Bergamini on Unsplash

We’ve seen national publications that have never visited the Treasure Valley pick some really obscure Idaho restaurants when they’re putting together their list of best “whatever” in every state lists. But in the case of Idaho’s best sushi joint? It appears that Love Food hit the nail on the head with their latest list titled “Your State’s Best Sushi Joint.” 

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Idaho’s top honor went to Yoi Tomo Sushi & Grill on Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise. In choosing Yoi Tomo, Love Food wrote: 

“This cool spot offers a fresh take on traditional sushi joints – the setting is filled with fairy lights and illustrations of sumo wrestlers. The menu follows that lead with a tempting string of deep-fried sushi rolls with names inspired by famous movies.”

They’re not wrong about the movie-inspired rolls. Yoi Tomo’s deep-fried menu includes rolls named Black Panther, G.I. Joe, Gladiator, Incredible Hulk, Leaving Las Vegas and Money Ball. 

We think Love Food made the right choice for a few reasons. For starters, Yoi Tomo has won the “Idaho’s Best” award for the best sushi in the Treasure Valley and in the state for four years in a row. They’ve also taken the “Best of Boise” nod from the Boise Weekly. 

Facebook/Yoi Tomo Sushi and Grill
Facebook/Yoi Tomo Sushi and Grill

But more importantly, the most active foodie Facebook group in the Treasure Valley has thrown their support behind the downtown restaurant. We’re talking about the Boise Food Finds group. On the most recent post asking for the best sushi recommendations across the Treasure Valley, Yoi Tomo ran away from the competition! 

Who else got mentioned on that thread? These were the top picks! 

Boise Doesn't Have to Travel Far to Enjoy the Best Sushi in Idaho

Love Food recently published a list titled the "Best Sushi Joint in Every State." Sometimes national publications miss the mark, but this time around they hit the nail on the head! Their #1 pick was the same as the pick by locals in the popular "Boise Food Finds" Facebook group!

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