Being a parent is hard.  We constantly worry and do everything in our power to protect our little ones from so many dangers but sometimes there is no protection.  Or we just need a little help protecting.  And that's exactly what one woman who many of us consider larger than life needed and received yesterday.

If you're one of the thousands and thousands of people who watch KTVB News then you know Maggie O'Mara.  Maggie brings us stories every day.  Some of them hard to hear and some of them absolutely beautiful but they're stories that make up the life we breathe, experience and live here in the Treasure Valley.  The crazy thing about these stories is that we're all a part of it and you never know when it's your turn for the spotlight.  Good or bad, each of our stories makes up our community and breathe a little life into who we all our.

Yesterday was Maggie's turn.  Her little boy known as 'Big Mac' had a sudden seizure that landed him into the hospital.  As a parent, going through something like this is difficult to explain.  The fears and thoughts running through your soul as you watch others take control and do what you've been doing their whole life, take care of your baby, it's the scariest of scary.

So many people banding together to make sure this 2-year-old survives and is in the best shape possible is exactly what went down from the Ada County Dispatcher who walked Maggie through every step to the Eagle Fire Department and Ada County Paramedics who were on the scene so quickly taking care of little 'Big Mac' as he was transported to St. Luke's Hospital.  It takes a village, right?  We hear that so often but it's so true.

Maggie's son is going to be o.k.  KTVB reported that he suffered from what's called a febrile seizure which is a convulsion in a child caused by a spike in body temperature, often from an infection.  It sounds bad and it is bad but everything is going to be o.k.  Big Mac will be just fine.  It's just kind of crazy when you see someone like Maggie O'Mara who we all look up to, respect, and love... somebody so good, larger than life, and so BIG time go through exactly the same things we go through.  Maggie, we love you and we're all thinking of you and Big Mac.  God bless!

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