With recent news about the rodeo being canceled in Kuna, we wanted to hear from local businesses about what they think of the situation. What’s their overall consensus? Are people on board with this decision?

Here’s the story in case you missed it, or keep reading for a quick rundown of what happened...

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Basically, the rodeo in Kuna last year was a great success, and locals would love for it to happen again.

However, the City of Kuna canceled the rodeo after pushback from the community — even death threats — regarding their recent decision to part ways with Crooked 8, the rodeo venue, because it's privately owned and not city owned. This decision was made after Crooked 8 invested over $200,000 to make their space “rodeo ready” for this year.

We’ve been reading through loads of your community posts, and we spoke with multiple business owners in Kuna (dentists, insurance agents, store owners and more) about this situation to see what they think...

What we found was interesting — not one of them agrees with how the city is handling this. Death threats are obviously not appropriate, but these business owners said death threats are happening because the community doesn’t feel heard, listened to, or supported.

Dr. Roskelley from Kuna Smiles said...

“This kind of an event would give the cowboys in town more hope and more opportunities, and it’s a good way to get the community together. Kuna doesn’t have a lot of major events, and a rodeo is something they would deeply support for years to come."

"Canceling events that the community cares about isn’t going to make anything better — it will actually make things worse. The best way to handle this is for the city to be understanding, listen to the community, and focus on finding a “win/win” for everyone.”

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Another business owner who wished to remain anonymous said...

“If they had made a commitment to something, they need to stick to it. This is a community that would benefit from and support a rodeo for years to come.

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