When you have the house to yourself and all the curtain and blinds are shut do you ever just walk around in the buff? Just good ol' nothin. In Oregon they have an annual and quite famous Naked Bike Race. Clothing is optional - While some do go all the way nude others choose very little coverage or goofy outfits.

There are thousands of random National and International holidays throughout the year. Well today is National Nude Day. Being all natural has its very own special day.

The main reason for the holiday is to celebrate "The beauty of the human form in all its splendor." Which is encouraging, empowering and wonderful. The human body in any way, shape, or form should be respected and treated with kindness.


You bet it is celebrated at nudist communities, parks, beaches and places around the world where being naked is the norm.

"Most — although certainly not all — nudism occurs on private or specifically designated property. While not all nudists share the same philosophy, many espouse the belief that the human body is inherently beautiful, and that clothes enforce artificial and destructive social boundaries." - National Today

Check out these 18 places in Idaho where being nude is encouraged.
According to naturistdirectory.com you could visit:

Bare Backers Nudist Club
PO Box 5781 Boise ID 83705
Near Boise, Idaho. Very relaxing place to visit, and if you want to get some exercise there are miles of trails to hike au naturel.


Sun Meadow Resort
30400 Sun Ray Trail Worley, ID 83876
Skinny dip in the pools, visit in the huge hot tub, hike miles of trails, play outdoor and indoor games, take in a great concert, bask in the sun, camp under the trees, curl up by the fire with a book.

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