Lunchbox is back with the prank calls on The Bobby Bones Show today (July 1) and this time he's trying to purchase something a bit out of the ordinary.

He called a restaurant that sells wings and instead of asking them for their usual small, medium, or large sizes, Lunchbox wanted to buy just one solo wing. As most people know, buying one solo wing is unheard of and really not likely to happen. But Lunchbox kept pushing it anyway. He asked the woman employee if she could make it happen for the price of $200, and eventually she said she would try to make it happen and put him on hold. Next a male employee came on the phone after the hold and told Lunchbox he would make it happen for him if he came to eat in the restaurant.

Lunchbox agreed to pay $200 for just one wing. After hanging up, Lunchbox confessed that he called back to the restaurant to let them know it was a prank call and the male employee told him that he was going to purchase 6 wings, give Lunchbox one and just keep the rest of the profit for himself.