After Lunchbox passed as a high school senior in the Krispy Kreme drive-thru to get a dozen free donuts last week, he decided to see what else he was able to get.

Companies across the country are doing promotions for free items to gift to the Class of 2020 since they were unable to get a usual graduation ceremony and celebration. Krispy Kreme was giving seniors a dozen free donuts if they showed up in a cap and gown on May 19th. Since Lunchbox was able to score the free dozen, he wanted to see if any other companies were giving away free food to graduates. So he went to Wendy's and Burger King to see what they would give him if he said he was a high school senior.

Wendy's gifted him a free frosty, and Burger King gifted him some free cookies. He wasn't wear a cap and gown, he just told the drive-thru people that he was a senior and bummed about not being able to graduate. Only one of the drive-thru workers didn't believe him at first, but ultimately they all gave in to Lunchbox's fake sob story.