He left a baby in a hot car and now he's paying the price!


24 year old Haven Robb Hackworth of Caldwell has been charged in the death of 5 month old Kyrae Vineyard.

He was watching the little girl for his girlfriend and the baby's mother, Elisa Johnson when he went to a Caldwell car dealership and according to him he accidentally left the baby in the back seat.

Little Kyrae was left for hours and by the time paramedics and the police were notified it was too late. Kyrae was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering hyperthermia due to the heat.

According to KTVB, Hackworth was arrested in Marsing Monday night and he made his first court appearance on Wednesday. A preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. on August 16th.

I understand this young man made a mistake, he says it was an accident, but I also remember the sobs of the young Mother involved in this tragedy and unfortunately even with accidents sometimes there are consequences. No word yet on what type of punishment Hackworth is facing.