Greg Montemayer III was heavily intoxicated after a party and spotted walking down the middle of I-84 Saturday night around 10:44 p.m.  By the time the cops got there at 10:46  p.m. he'd been hit and killed.

According to KTVB Montemayer was arguing and fighting with others at the party and decided to leave on foot.  Somehow he ended up in the middle of the right lane on I-84 in the Glenns Ferry area.  Cars were not able to see him and it only took a matter of seconds before his life was over.

The Elmore County Sheriff's Office still have not received his blood work back but based on eye witness accounts it seems as if Montemayer was allegedly very drunk.  The man who hit Montemayer voluntarily took a breathalyzer test and passed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out this young man's family and also to the driver of the vehicle involved.