The man who was shot and killed by Meridian police over the weekend has now been identified. 

48-year-old Robert Lyle Barton of Boise was shot in the chest by police on Saturday after a domestic disturbance involving a knife according to KTVB. The incident happened at a home in Meridan along Newport Street and we're not sure what happened with the knife or who else was involved at this point.

Barton was found in his backyard where a fire was burning. He then allegedly confronted police by saying things like "I'm not going back to jail" and then he really crossed the line by pulling out a handgun.

When Barton pulled out the gun, one officer fired a taser at him while the other officer shot the suspect in the chest. Both of the police officers involved are now on paid administrative leave and an investigation into exactly what happened will continue.

We'll keep you updated as this story unfolds.