Camel's Back Park is one of my favorite spots in Boise. You get gorgeous views of the city and fun little hiking trails, but this morning it was home to this man's nightmare as his neck was slashed during a robbery. 

The suspects are still at large, three men who approached the victim and two other people just after midnight at the park in Boise's North End. They demanded money and slashed one of the victims in the neck according to KTVB. Luckily, the cut is not believed to be life-threatening but an experience like this can leave long-lasting trauma.

After the attack, the suspects got away on foot. Responding police searched the area extensively with K9's but ended up empty-handed.

The descriptions are not detailed, but one suspect is described as being 5'11" and thin with long stringy hair the other stands about 6'3" with a thin build and facial hair. A description for the third suspect has not been released.

It's hard to believe that things like this happen in our beautiful, relatively safe community, but nowhere is immune to such problems and as the Treasure Valley grows crime will inevitably continue to grow. Please keep everyone affected by this robbery and act of violence in your thoughts and prayers and please contact the police if you have any information regarding this crime 208-377-6790.

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