God's going to strike another one down.  I don't know if this guy's going to get it now or later but my friend, Karma will hit you hard.

We've all heard the saying 'Stealing Candy From a Baby'.  How about 'Stealing Cookie Money From Girl Scouts'.  Sounds like those two go together don't they?  If you have a second please take a look at the picture taken from surveillance video and pass this along to people you know so we can get this scum off the streets.

Idaho News reports that a group of Girl Scouts was set up in front of a Seattle grocery store taking care of business like we've seen so many times and out of nowhere, this guy runs up to the cookie table, grabs their money bin and takes off.  Those girls had sold more than $600 worth of cookies that day and it was all gone.

I can't imagine the shock that must've run through those little girls.  What the hell just happened?  I'm sure that's about the only thing they could've been thinking at that moment.  Anyhoo, here's another picture of this low life.  I know it was in Seattle but the more eyes we get on this guy, the better.

Credit: Seattle Police Department
Credit: Seattle Police Department


Anyone who may know this man or has any information is urged to contact detectives immediately at 206-684-5735.

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