It's the story that left the country gasping. How and why would someone bury a 5-month-old baby alive in the woods and leave him there to die?!! This is why Francis Crowley says he did it. 

32-year-old Crowley says he crashed his car in the woods because the baby was "too heavy." What does that even mean?!! I'm 98 lbs myself and I packed babies around for years.

According to KTVB, Crowley appeared in Missoula County Justice Court through a video while he sits in jail.

He was very emotional as the allegations against him were read. In fact, he doubled over, fell to the floor, covered his face with his hands and through his sobs he said "I love that ______ kid" and begged the judge not to take him away.

It has now come to light that Crowley, the child, and his mother were living in a camp near the hot springs in the Lolo National Forest.

Crowley has a pretty shady history, including a string of arrests that include burglary, assaults, and drug and criminal mischief charges.

We still don't know his relationship to the 5-month-old if any. He has not made a plea and his bail has been set at $200,000. His next appearance in court is set for July 25th.