Police are still searching for a man who tried to break into a Boise woman's home. She shot and him and he took off on the run. 

It happened last night, just after 10 o'clock near Walnut Street and Warm Springs Avenue.

The homeowner heard a noise and tells KTVB she noticed her front door was ajar. Understandably scared, she grabbed her gun and walked outside to find a man on her porch.

The woman says she fired at the man and he took off running. It is not believed he was hit by a bullet but there is evidence that he was at the home to cause trouble.

Police found the suspect had used a prybar to open the woman's front door, but unfortunately, the woman was not able to give the cops a good description of the man. Trauma can often mess with your brain and cause confusion. I was robbed three times while I worked as a teller at a bank and I could never get the description of the robber right. A psychologist later told me that is extremely common as a victim's brain tries to protect itself from the trauma.

Police have not been able to find the suspect despite using a K9 police dog and a drone. If you happen to have any information on this case please contact the police.

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