It happens every year around Easter. Social media explodes with people for and against peeps. Luckily, this argument is easily solved.

Marshmallow Peeps are a national treasure. A true American delicacy. They're cute, colorful, soft, and feel amazing as they melt in your mouth. Also, they're comprised completely of sugar. Sugar is scientifically proven to enhance your mood (and make you fat), which leads this writer to conclude that Peeps will 100% make you happy. I mean, it's proven by science, so who are you to argue with the facts?

I've been trying to wrap my brain around why peep-haters exist, and only one conclusion has presented itself: Some people just love to be miserable. They hate fun, they hate things that taste good, and they'll do anything to feel different and special.

If feeling 'different and special' means not loving my favorite Easter treat, then I'm completely content being normal and in no way out of the ordinary.


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