The first incident was Monday evening at a home in the 500 block of North Black Sands Avenue and now police are receiving numerous phone calls about a masked prowler leaving panties on their front doorstep.

The prowler is believed to be a man and wears a bandanna over his face.  He's not only dropping panties off, he's breaking into homes as well.  After police investigated the first break in, the family said women's panties had been left on their doorstep four different times before the break in.

The second home reported was in the 2500 block of Cedar Grove Street on Thursday night.  A 48-year-old woman heard her dog growling upstairs... when she went to investigate, a masked man ran by her and out of her house.  She reported that a pair of women's panties were hanging on her front doorknob the day before.

The woman was able to describe the prowler as...

  • White male
  • Medium build
  • About six feet tall
  • Wearing a thick black parka with a brown fur-lined hood, dark pants, gloves, & a ski mask
  • Driving a dark colored, four-door passenger car

Both homes targeted are in the Kelly Creek subdivision in Meridian.  If you have any information please contact Meridian Police immediately at 208-888-6678.

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