Authorities are tight-lipped on this one giving us next to NO information on what prompted the arrest of someone regarded very highly in our community here in the Treasure Valley.  According to KTVB, we do know that Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor was arrested and booked into the Canyon County Jail last night (Saturday) at approximately 9:16 p.m. on domestic battery charges.  That's all we're getting from law enforcement so far.

The definition of domestic battery is...

  • Domestic battery charges start with a basic assault or battery allegation. The charge is also called domestic violence, domestic abuse, or assault family violence. Even though very similar to a regular criminal battery allegation, domestic battery charges can result in more severe consequences.

Unfortunately, we see this stuff every day.  Some of it hits the news and a lot of it we never hear about.  It's a nationwide epidemic and probably a worldwide epidemic as well.  What happened in Mayor Taylor's situation can only be speculated on right now but you can bet that when a public figure like this is involved with an issue like domestic violence, it's going to hit the news.  We hold these guys to a higher standard and we absolutely should.  They lead the way with our community and the way they lead their lives will be and should be under the microscope.  So don't mess up right?

Now, these are only charges at this point.  Anybody can charge someone and we all need to obviously give this man the benefit of the doubt until more facts and information has been released.  We should know more tomorrow (Monday).  Monday will also be when bail is set and court dates scheduled.  We'll keep you posted.

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