At the beginning of October the Homedale Police Department lost their beloved K-9 Goose to cancer.  Goose was a lovable, loyal, good officer who was partnered up with officer Karl Kingston and of course, they were not just partners, they were family.


According to KTVB a police department in Rockford, Maine had a new K-9 ready to go and that's where Brady comes in.  Brady is a 4-year-old female black lab who's main job is to detect marijuana.  Since marijuana has been legalized in Maine there has not been much use for her there.

Brady has some huge shoes to fill.  Goose was well known by the community and loved by all.  With that said, Brady and officer Kingston are getting along great.  It's like the two were made for each other.

Brady was named after the New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady.

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