I have never been arrested. I was raised to be a pretty good girl and I think I was always to afraid to get into that much trouble. The closest thing I can equate this to is getting in trouble as a teenager from my parents. Then thanking them later for helping to teach me a lesson. I may not have been mature enough at the time, or even right after to thank them but eventually I showed my gratitude for the life long lessons.

This man in Nampa had a similar situation but as an adult and with the cops. We don't know his name or age but we do know a man was arrested in Nampa for a DUI. Nampa Officer Travis Poore was the arresting officer to the man. Things must have been pretty civil during the drunken arrest because something surprising happened the next day.

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According to The Nampa Police Department, the man who was arrested called the department to THANK THEM. I have never, ever heard of this happening. Sure people thank officers all the time but not the person who is being arrested.

The man left a message because he wanted to thank Officer Poore from the Nampa Police Department Driving Under the Influence task force for his professionalism. The voicemail on the administrations machine said this"

“...I was arrested last night for DUI by Officer Poore...I told him thank you for his professionalism, but I wanted the department to know and to recognize him for his professionalism. You have a good officer there.”

NPD took to Facebook Sunday to share the message...

#SundayShoutOut to Cpl. Travis Poore of the Nampa PD DUI Team!
Imagine the positive impression an officer must make on...

Posted by Nampa Police Department on Sunday, February 28, 2021

I love this story for so many reasons. Thank you Nampa Police Department for your work and dedication to the community. <3


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