This stuff creeps me out so bad. I can't believe this stuff is happening in our own back yards! This man left a gift card on an 11-year-old Meridian boys bike in an attempt to lure him away!

It happened yesterday at River Valley Elementary in Meridian. The 11-year-old boy noticed a gift card hanging from his bicycle handlebars. On the gift card was a phone number that the boy was instructed to call.

That's exactly what the little boy did! He called the number and got someone on the other line who said they were 18-years-old and had left the gift card "just because."

Luckily, that's when something clicked with the young boy and he did the right thing. He went inside and alerted his principal.

When the principal went outside and started to investigate the situation he discovered 20-year-old Aleman Irvin Villegas walking out of the school and according to, driving a black Honda.

Thank goodness for those quick actions because Villegas is now sitting in the Ada County Jail on a child enticement charge.

Use this story as an opportunity to talk to your children about stranger danger and the different ways that people can try to lure them into a dangerous situation. It can happen anywhere.

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