A 5-month-old baby survived being buried alive in the woods near Lolo Hot Springs which is about 35 miles north of Missoula, Montana.  KTVB reports that 32-year-old Francis Carlton Crowley was acting strangely in the area, threatening people with a gun and then finally leaving.  What prompted people to call the Missoula County Sheriff's Office was not just his erratic behavior, but, he had a 5-month-old baby boy in his care and he left without the baby.  Nobody knew where the baby was.

This all happened about 8 o'clock Saturday night.  Crowley eventually came back into the area and that's when authorities arrested and questioned him about where the baby was.  Crowley seemed to be under the influence of drugs and did not give up any information at first.  Eventually, he stated that the baby may be buried somewhere in the woods.  That's when the search went into overdrive.

Missoula County Search and Rescue, the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Montana Highway Patrol were all called in for help.  After searching through the mountains for more than six hours, someone heard the faint cry of a baby.  The 5-month-old was found face down under a pile of dirt and sticks.  It was 45 degrees out when the baby was found and he had been there for approximately nine hours.

Early Sunday morning the baby was taken to the hospital for treatment and has been listed in good health.  Crowley has been arrested and booked and will face charges of criminal endangerment.

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