The search for 23-year-old Charles "Charlie" Lawrence McBride is officially over and has not ended well.  Family and close friends have all been notified that their loved one who went missing about a month ago was found dead, burned, and buried in Morgan Creek Drainage and authorities are definitely looking at this as a homicide.

McBride who resided in the Challis, Idaho area was reported missing on February 25, 2019.  Law enforcement didn't have much to go off of.  He was last seen heading to work and absolutely NOBODY has seen him since.

The Idaho State Police and the Custer County Sheriff’s Office teamed up to launch a full investigation which finally led to the discovery of a body burned, charred, and buried.  This took place just a few days ago on March 24th.  After a full examination by the coroner's office, it was determined that the body was, in fact, Charlie McBride.

According to KTVB, the authorities do have a number of people they're looking at as possible suspects and they're all currently being questioned along with possible witnesses, friends, and family members.  Authorities absolutely believe this was murder and have made this case priority #1.

An anonymous tip hotline has been set up for anyone that may have information.  The number is 208-879-5372.  We'll keep you posted on what exactly happened as details come in.

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