Do you want the GOOD news or the BAD news first?  Let's start with the bad.  Get that out of the way.  The Treasure Valley has had more than 100 crashes reported so far AND they're still happening.  The weather's let up just a bit this afternoon with temperatures finally a little above freezing but this morning was brutal in most areas.  Especially the downtown Boise area.

52 of those crashes have been reported by the Ada County Sheriff's Office according to KTVB.  Now for the positive news.  Most of those crashes resulted in no injuries.  31 of the 52 crashes that occurred in Ada County were slide-offs and only eight of them resulted in some kind of injury.

Roads didn't really start improving a ton until midday but for the most part, have been pretty good since then.  Once our plows got ahead of the snow they've done a great job keeping things moving.  They've even got I-84 between Pendleton and Ontario back open again after shutting down the freeway for, not only the slippery weather and snow but massive fog that hit this morning.

Does that mean we're out of the woods?  Ummmm NO.  According to Larry Gebert at KTVB, the Winter Weather Advisory is over but the snow is not.  Temperatures will soon start dropping again, freezing the melting snow we've had all day causing very slippery roads.  We're also supposed to receive approximately another inch of snow in the valley tonight.  The mountains will receive several inches which is good for our skiers and snowboarders.

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