Boise, Idaho - As the Treasure Valley continues to grow we are going to continue to see big chain restaurants continue to move in, which I have nothing against because they are creating jobs in our community.

But aren't you tired of watching local restaurants and businesses close?

By October of 2022, we saw over 30 local business close their doors and that list continues to grow. One thing I have noticed through Facebook questions like "What are your favorite restaurants in the Treasure Valley?" and similar questions is that in the comment section of those Facebook questions a majority of the comments are about corporate restaurants throughout the Treasure Valley.

Keep scrolling to see the Boise businesses that had to close their doors in 2022.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What makes a community special are those local restaurants and businesses that make the Treasure Valley so special. Will it be a little more expensive? Yes. Wouldn't rather spend an extra $1 to help support your neighbors? I know I would rather spend the extra $1 knowing that I'm helping someone continue their dream! Their dream of having a local coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique.

If you work for a chain restaurant or a corporate store, I have nothing against you and I'm glad that you found an opportunity to do something that pays the bills. There's plenty to go around and I know that small businesses may not have the employment opportunity that larger box stores have. 

I went on Yelp and I found the most reviewed local restaurants. I hope in 2023 you make more of an effort to support locals either once or twice a week.

Keep scrolling to see the Boise businesses that had to close their doors in 2022.


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