Be careful hiking in the Boise Foothills up around Table Rock. A mountain lion has been spotted. Here's what you need to know!


It's only been seen once, but during a routine night patrol a Boise Police Officer spotted the cat.


According to the Idaho Statesman mountain lions have a large home range and can travel between 50 and 250 miles, so who knows where it is now.


It's good to be on the alert though, according to Idaho Fish and Game we all need to be prepared to encounter wildlife just simply because we live in Idaho and creatures like mountain lions can pop up even in suburban areas.


Here's some tips to preventing mountain lions from coming into your area.

  • don't leave pet food outside
  • manage your garbage
  • don't leave small pets outside, especially from dawn to dusk

If you encounter a mountain lion

  • do not run
  • face the lion and slowly back away
  • try to appear as large as possible
  • shout, wave your arms, and throw sticks or rocks at the mountain lion if it won't leave.